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A n n o u n c e m e n t

The 2nd International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT)

September 18-23, 2000
Ufa, Russia

Home page: http://csit.ugatu.ac.ru

The Workshop is supported by:

- "IT Company" (Moscow, Russia)
- State Comittee of Science and Education of Republic Bashkortostan
- Bashkirian Regional Center of Novative Information Technologies

In collaboration with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

March 15, 2000 Paper submission
April 30, 2000 E-mail Notification of acceptance
May 15, 2000 Postscript and LaTeX Version of Paper


CSIT will be a forum for presentation of new results in research, development, and applications in computing and information. The organizers expect both practitioners and theorists to attend. The workshop will consist of regular sessions with technical contributions reviewed and selected by an international program committee, invited talks by leading experts, tutorials, and special sections like industrial programs and posters on ongoing research projects in Eastern European countries.
Workshop provides special sections to Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) contributions as well as Ph.D. students contributions. Selected presentations and contributions are to be identified for development into full proceeding papers. Papers with student as a primary author will be specially considered.
The submissions will be judged not only for scientific quality but also for suitability as a basis for broader discussion.

Place of Workshop:

The workshop will take place in Yangantau - one of the most attractive resort of Baskortostan, situated among picturesque Ural hills.
September is the most favourable time for rest in Yangantau.
The average temperature in September is 15-25 C.
The guests are accommodated in comfortable rooms of international level.

The topics are but not limited to:

- Data Theory and Logic
- Theory of Programming
- Theory of Computation
- Distributed Computing and Communications
- Concurrency and Parallelism
- Mobile Computing
- Real Time Systems
- Operation Systems
- Systematic Approach in Computer Science

- DataBase Systems,
- Software and Data Engineering and CASE Methodology,
- Data Models,
- Data Mining,
- Data Warehousing,
- Internet and Database,
- Persistent Systems,
- Heterogeneous and Federated Databases,
- Active Databases,
- Database Design,
- Object Oriented Databases,
- Mobile Database,
- Engineering Databases,
- Temporal Databases,
- Multimedia Databases
- Query Languages, Query Processing, Query Optimization
- Data security

- AI Methodologies,
- Expert Systems,
- Knowledge Engineering,
- Conceptual Modeling,

- Electronic Commerce Technologies,
- Electronic Libraries,
- Digital Documents,
- Persistent Object Stores,
- Data Warehouse Design,
- OLAP Technology,
- Decision Support Systems (DSS),
- Machine Graphics and Vision

- Commerce and payments on the Internet,
- Information systems communication,
- Virtual organizations,
- Multi- and Hypermedia technologies,
- Distributed object computing, standards

- GIS,
- Networks technologies,
- IT in Education (education management, distant education),
- IT in Science and Technique,
- Industrial Computer Science,
- IT in Social Sciences,
- IT in Business,
- Re-engineering,
- IT In Human Health Care

Authors are invited to submit manuscript to the address


by the submission deadline. Papers should be original work, which has not been submitted previously or concurrently to another location.

Submission Guidelines:

Submitted papers must clearly describe new ideas or experimental results, which have not been previously published in refereed journals of conferences. Papers should clearly explain the significant contributions and their relationship to previous work. Papers will be judged on originality, clarity, relevance, and soundness of methodology.
Each paper should include a short abstract and a list of keywords indicating subject classification. Authors names and institutions should be identified on a cover page.
Papers should be written in English. Authors may submit drafts of full papers or extended abstracts. Submissions are limited to 12 A4-size pages, with 1 inch margins and 11 point or larger font.
Authors who feel that more details are necessary may include a clearly marked appendix, which will be read at the discretion of the Program Committee. If available, e-mail addresses and fax numbers of the authors should be included.

Electronic Submissions:

Electronic submission is strongly encouraged.
Self-contained gzipped Postscript versions of the paper may be sent by E-mail to:


In addition, the following information in ASCII format should be sent to this address in a separate e-mail: Title; authors; communicating author's name, address, and e-mail address and fax number if available, abstract of paper.

Workshop Proceedings:

The Workshop Proceedings will be published both in a hard copy and electronically. For an accepted paper to be included in the proceedings one of the authors must commit to presenting the paper at the workshop. The proceedings will be available via WWW Site and Anonymous FTP over the Internet.


Our primary communication medium will be electronic - either via the web or by email. Therefore, it is critical that you provide an email address with your submission so we can contact you quickly.
Please ensure that your address is present, current and correct in all correspondence.


Peter Lockemann, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
Salavat Kusimov, President of UGATU, Ufa, Russia
Oleg Siountiourenko, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Moscow, Russia
Viacheslav Wolfengagen, JurInfoR-MSU Institute, Moscow, Russia


Heinz Schweppe,

Freie Universitaet Berlin
Takustr. 9
D-14195 Berlin, Germany

Yuri Kabalnov,

Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Head of the Computer Science Department
Karl Marks Street, 12
Ufa, Russia
e-mail: informatic@ugatu.ac.ru

Organizing Committee Chair

Nafissa Yussupova

Head of the Faculty for Robotics and Computer Science
Karl Marks Street, 12
Ufa, Russia
e-mail: yussupova@ugatu.ac.ru

European Coordinator

Johann-Christoph Freytag, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany


Witold Abramowicz,
Margita Altus,
Oleg Balovnev,
Ken Barker,
Andras Benczur,
Andrei Borshchev,
Lionel Brunie,
Eugene Chepin,
Armin Cremers,
Dimitris Dervos,
Klaus Dittrich,
Vladimir Domrachev,
Vladimir Drozzhin,
Alexandra Galatescu,
Ashot Hovanesian,
Barry Ilyasov,
Kei Karasawa,
Anatoly Khomanenko,
Valery Kudryavtsev,
Gennady Kulikov,
Sergey Kuznetsov,
Georgy Lebedev,
Andre Le Grand,
David Maluf,
Roumen Nikolov,
Terttu Orci,
Peter Robinson,
Nello Scarabottolo,
Ulrich Schiel,
Jean-Luc Stehle,
Alexandre Strogalov,
Bernhard Thalheim,
Christelle Urtado,
Vladimir Vasilyev,
Vladimir Vetoshkin,
Lincoln Wallen,
Arkady Zaslavsky,
The Poznan University of Economics, Poland
Technical University of Cottbus, Germany
University of Bonn, Germany
University of Calgary, Canada
Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
St.-Petersburg Technical University, Russia
Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), Lyon, France
MEPhI, Russia
University of Bonn, Germany
Technology Educational Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece
University of Zuerich, Zuerich, Switzerland
Institute for Cybernetics UAS, Kiev, Ukraine
MEC Academy, St.-Petersburg, Russia
ICI-Res. Inst. for Informatics, Bucharest, Romania
Synergy International Systems, USA
USATU, Ufa, Russia
NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, Japan
MEC Academy, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Moscow State University, Russia
USATU, Ufa, Russia
ISP RAS, Moscow, Russia
Relax, Moscow, Russia
IDHEAP, Lausanne, Switzerland
NASA Ames Research Center, USA
University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Royal Institute of Technology, Kista, Sweden
Cambridge University, UK
University of Milano, Italy
Federal University of Paraiba, Brasil
Ecole Centrale Paris, France
Moscow State University, Russia
Technical University of Cottbus, Germany
LGI2P / Ecole des Mines d'Ales, France
USATU, Ufa, Russia
AF Engineering Academy, Moscow, Russia
Oxford University, UK
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

CSIT'2000 Proceedings: Copyright by MEPhI & ICE JurInfor-MSU
Last update: 25-July-1999