Modeling as Decision Making Method in Billet Manufacture Planing Problem.

Elena V. Babkova: Modeling as Decision Making Method in Billet Manufacture Planing Problem CSIT 2000 : 269-270


This article is devoted to decision making procedures of processing the stocks and cutting cards random sampling for a planning problem in stockpiling [1] in conditions of rectangular guillotine cutting problem (according to Dyckhoff [4] the considered task may be referred to the class of task 2/V/1/M).

The list of cutting cards for the current processing of a sheet material is produced based on heuristic procedures of directed exhaustive search of the cutting cards bank (CCB) as shown in [1, 2]. The alternative procedures of probability choice of stock and cutting cards are realize with the help of Monte-Carlo method: cutting cards the choice of stock is simulated to produce cutting process in a given calendar period.

Decision making procedures quickens under condition of directed exhaustive search of CCB.

Different materials to be cut according to cutting plans are considered which are to be loaded on cutting equipment in stockpiling operations. Let us consider the statement of the task , heuristic algorithm of stockpile based on Monte-Carlo procedures [5] and decision making procedures .

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