Fuzzy Logic Expert System for Traffic Management.

D.N. Bazhin, G.R.Shakhmametova: Fuzzy Logic Expert System for Traffic Management CSIT 2000 : 110-112


The drastic increase in the number of vehicles and traffic intensity has aggravated the road situation not only abroad but in this country as well. The traffic jam problem may have various solutions, e.g. by extending the present road network (RN). This solution is, however, a rather long and expensive one. Another way is to manage the existing situation, i.e. to create a system for traffic management based on the RN on hand. This way appears to be of value judging both by cost and time of implementation.

The problem of the traffic flow management may be stated and solved by different methods. The traffic management system is implemented after the proposed ideas have been thoroughly tested for efficiency and debugged. In the set of problems in question, the traffic modeling system is of independent value.

The present paper regards one of the possible approaches to traffic modeling.

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