Nuclear Data for Basic and Applied Research.

I.N. Boboshin, A.V. Varlamov, V.V. Varlamov, D.S.Rudenko, M.E.Stepanov, D.V.Skobeltsyn: Nuclear Data for Basic and Applied Research CSIT 2000 : 269-270


The nuclear data, primarily information on atomic nuclei and nuclear reaction and decay features are widely used in modern both basic and applied research. The international co-operation (Austria, China, France, Hungaria, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukrain, USA, and some others) under auspices of International Atomic Energy Agency (the Nuclear Data Centres Network) has the task of development of large (near complete) files included the concerned data. The MSU INP CDFE participates this Network with the responsibility for the photonuclear reaction data processing. This means the compilation, analysis, and evaluation of such kind data, data bases development and dissemination of all kind data produced by the co-operation as whole.

The CDFE Web-site ( has been produced with several data bases:

The Search Engines have been developed for first two data bases mentioned above using the MySQL data management system. The search for values of GDR energy position, cross section amplitude, some integral data, first author name, reference, year of publication is possible.

The hypertext data presentation has been developed using JavaScript, Java, CGI, ASP and other technologies for other data bases. The search for selected nucleus and reaction is possible.

By the several clicks of mouse the user can do very easily the data search, look through the graph of the reaction cross section selected and load the correspondent data table into the own computer.

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Heinz Schweppe and Yuri S. Kabalnov (Eds.): CSIT'2000, Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, September 18-23, 2000, Ufa, Russia. USATU Publishers & JurInfoR-MSU Publishing 2000, ISBN 5-86911-312-1

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