Integration Problems of WDM and SDH Fiber Optical Networks.

Stanislav Ekalo: Integration Problems of WDM and SDH Fiber Optical Networks CSIT 2000 : 11


Now in fiber optic networks the transfer protocol of the data SDH is widely applied. Using a technique WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) color assign of an optical signal by data transfer on different wave lengths of surges in one fiber, it is possible to increase throughput capacity of present optical networks from 4 up to 100 times. However thus there are definite problems: in case of breakaway fiber in a customary network, for example STM-64 (10 Gbit/s) we lose of 120 000 phone lines. If we have breakaway in fiber, operating WDM seal, for example (16l 10 Gbit/sec), we lose of 2 million phone lines.

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