Imitative Model Application for Evaluating the Financional and Economical Activity of the Enterprise.

G. Khismatullina, Z. Orekhova: Imitative Model Application for Evaluating the Financional and Economical Activity of the Enterprise CSIT 2000 : 329-332


In this paper we propose a new two-level imitative model for enterprises. Industrial enterprise is described as a complicated system with the help of different economical, industrial, financial and other indicators and parameters. The upper level of this model establishes relations between the indicators describing the financial and economical condition of the enterprise, parameters describing the environment and controlled parameters immediately influencing the production. This level is universal for any enterprise and consists of the interconnected blocks; each of them uses a group of parameters and indicators. The lower level of the model defines the connections between controlled parameters and both technological and organising performances of the concrete production. This model helps solving the actual problem of elaborating the rational strategy of functioning and development of industrial enterprises.

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Heinz Schweppe and Yuri S. Kabalnov (Eds.): CSIT'2000, Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, September 18-23, 2000, Ufa, Russia. USATU Publishers & JurInfoR-MSU Publishing 2000, ISBN 5-86911-312-1

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