Access to Databases over Web: Overview of Technologies.

Gleb Pogodaev, Ekaterina Farber: Access to Databases over Web: Overview of Technologies CSIT 2000 : 70-76


In the process of developing methods of providing access to databases a number of standardized ap-proaches and solutions supported by all main software manufacturers in the field has been formed. So the two-tier client/server architecture and ODBC inter-face based on the X/Open SQL CLI specification has become in fact the standard for the information sys-tems. With the extension of Internet and with the ap-pearance of WWW technology it was urgent to pro-vide access to databases over Web. But to solve the problem new technologies were required to allow the interaction between a Web-browser and a database server within the framework of three-tier architecture having on an intermediate level a Web-server and its possible extension. The leading software manufac-tures have offered quite a number of such technolo-gies, of which the best known are Common Gateway Interface(CGI), Internet Server Application Program Interface(ISAPI), Java Database Connec-tivity(JDBC),Active Server Pages(ASP). This paper gives the brief review of these technologies and their comparative analysis. Though not providing all the details and fine points of a certain technology the re-view, however, allows to see the general picture of technological solutions in the field, to assess their ad-vantages and drawbacks and can help make a con-scious choice of the most adequate technology for the implementation for a specific project.

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Heinz Schweppe and Yuri S. Kabalnov (Eds.): CSIT'2000, Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, September 18-23, 2000, Ufa, Russia. USATU Publishers & JurInfoR-MSU Publishing 2000, ISBN 5-86911-312-1

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