Autonomous Mobile Robot Flat Path Planning with Usage of Dynamic Programming.

Yu. Startsev, K. Golovatsky, B. Ilyasov: Autonomous Mobile Robot Flat Path Planning with Usage of Dynamic Programming CSIT 2000 : 213-217


The problem of path planning of the mobile robot in flat working space with fixed and mobile obstacles is esteemed. It is necessary to find a pathway of the robot passing not closer than given safe distance from obstacles, and moving the robot from an initial point to arbitrary final point. In working space some robots can present. Then commonly it is required to implement a group pathways planning of all robots. The planning algorithm should respond two requirements. It should unconditionally find a movement pathway if such one exists, and should have a fast response time for allowance to control of robots in a real time.

The need of methods of path planning has resulted in creation of so-called precise methods. The precise methods allow either to receive the precise solution of a problem or to demonstrate, that the solution misses. Essential lack practically eliminating application of these methods for the solution of a robot path planning in a real time is their complexity. For example, some of algorithms, described in [1, 2], demand several days for implementation in a three-dimensional space.

Another approach to the solution of this problem is consist in simplification of the object shapes and limitation of robot movements up to small subsets of a space. The similar methods have two basic disadvantages: at first, the poor set of the object shapes is enabled only; secondly, the algorithms may not find the solution, even it exists.

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Heinz Schweppe and Yuri S. Kabalnov (Eds.): CSIT'2000, Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, September 18-23, 2000, Ufa, Russia. USATU Publishers & JurInfoR-MSU Publishing 2000, ISBN 5-86911-312-1

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