Methods of Calculating Rational Using of Material Resources.

T.D.Tarasova, L.F.Rozanova: Methods of Calculating Rational Using of Material Resources CSIT 2000 : 113-115


Creation of new technologies of projecting and manufacturing articles and consequently complex economy of all kinds of resources is the necessary requirement of modern production. One of the initial steps of manufacturing industrial article is cutting of material into the bars. So cutting is the basis of rational functioning of the whole production cycle. That's why the necessity of creating the resource-economy technologies of material cutting planning on the basis of new achievements in this field makes the cutting optimisation problem one of the most important problems.

Scientists of more than 20 countries are the members of the Special Interest Group on Cutting and Packing (SICUP). It shows that this problem is interesting for scientists all over the world. Among them - H.Dyckhoff, G.Scheithauer, B.Luderer, J.Terno, T.Gau, G.Wascher (Germany); S.U.Foronda, H.F.Carino, D.D.Gemmill, J.L.Sanders, Dagli,C.H., Milenkovic,V., Daniels,K., Li,Z. (USA); Gascon, A., LeFransois, P. (Canada); Morabito,R.N., Arenales,M.N. (Brazil); Fernandes,J.L., Bernardo, J.C., (Portugal); Saedt,A.P., Homan, W.J. (Netherlands); Goessens, W. (Belgium); Corominas, A., Fernandez,M. (Spain); Portmann,M. (France).

In Russia, the complex approach to this problem proceed successfully in the scientific school, founded by Prof. E.A. Mukhacheva, which is specialised in the field of applied operations' research problems. Fundamental newness of software, which is being developed at this school, is creation of new numerical methods of calculating resource-economy technologies based on the methods of mathematical programming and statistic analysis. Exact and heuristic algorithms, which effectiveness is being estimated by theoretical methods and computing experiments, are developed. Software allows to automate the process of cutting planning with the purpose of reducing material expenditures. Software also creates the scientific basis for developing and using computer aided cutting equipment of the future.

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