1. CSIT 2000: Foreword

These proceedings contain the full technical papers, selected for prresentation at the 2nd international workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT). This workshop was held in conjunction with the rfbr track for discussing the results of granted ongoing research in the field of science. CSIT is an annual international forum for the dissemination and discussion of new results and ideas in research? development and applications in computing and information, and adresses both practitioners and theorists. This year workshop, CSIT'2000, waas held in Ufa, Rusiia and was organised by the Ufa State Aviation Technical University in collaboration with the Institute for Contemporary Education (Moscow, Russia), University of Karlsrune (Germany), Humbolt University of Berlin (Germany), Freie Universitaet Berlin (Germany), IT Company (Moscow, Russia), State Committee os Science and High Education of Republic Bashkortostan, Bashkirian Regional Center of Novative Information Technologies and in cooperation with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The workshop attracted 142 submitted technical papers. This Year both conceptual and experience papers werre solicited. Both types of submissions were evaluated similarly, in accordance with high standarts of international forums. The careful reviewing procedure by program committee resulted in 44 papers being chosen for presentation in the international track. In addition, the program committee supported Ph.D students contributions as well as contributions from the younger generation researches. They were evaluated not only for scientific quality but also for suitability as a basis for broader discussion. Data mining, warehousing, similarity matching, spatial data and web information systems (WIS) appear to be gaining attention. More traditional topics such as complexity, perfomance, distributed systems attract continious interest. Some of the experience papers? especially at the industrial sessions, reflect the results in development/application of real systems, and were considered by the program commitee to be of interest to a wider community.

This workshop is the collaborative work of many people. The program committee carefully scheduled the written evaluations of each paper. Johann-Christoph Freytag of the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) coordinated the Evropean activity for attracting submissions. Olga Plechova of RFBR (Russia) coordinated the submissions for the RFBR track.

Our deep appreciation and special thanks go to Dr. Peter Lockermann of the Universitaet Karlsruhe for durable support of the International Workshop on Computer Science, which sould attract the younger generation researchers. Both he and Johann-Christoph Freytag, together with Heinz Schweppe of the Freie Universitaet Berlin, have taken the initiative to streighten contacts between researchers in Western Europe and those in Central and Eastern Europe. They plain to host large international database and information systems conferenses in Berlin over the next few years so that suitable financial support for their participation/ The fact that CSIT'2000 numbers 49 international papers from all over the world indicates the ever growing ties between the former socialist countries and the international computer science community.

The Program Comittee would like to extend appreciation to all thouse who submitted the preliminary version of papers or extended abstracts for international peer reviewing. We are thankful to those colleagues who took part in the valuation process using electronic copies. On behalf of the CSIT committee, we would like to express our thanks to the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for continuous assistance and support

Finally, our thanks go to all the ttendees of the workshop here in Ufa that boosted the research activity in the Computer Science and Information Technologies areas.