A Framework for Name Placement Problem Solving in GIS.

Vladimir Miroshnikov, Eugene Chepin: A Framework for Name Placement Problem Solving in GIS CSIT 1999 : 187-190


A map is a medium of communication that uses graphical symbols to represent geographical features and their relationships. One important part and a key factor in a map's ultimate effectiveness as a communication medium is the labeling of the feature, referred as name placement. This paper is concerned with the matter of name placement problem. Authors presents general formulation and constraints, briefly overview the history of the problem and discuss some basic research results. Complexity of the name placement is noted, which lead to a use the system approach to achieve map's effectiveness. This work is an attempt to summarize recent research and construct a framework for solve problem at different levels of system using classification, geodata modeling, generalization, computational geometry algorithms, range indexing and query optimization, rules methodology, evolutionary algorithms.

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Ch. Freytag and V. Wolfengagen (Eds.): CSIT'99, Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, January 18-22, 1999, Moscow, Russia. MEPhI Publishing 1999, ISBN 5-7262-0263-5

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