The Computer Biological Editions on Compact Discs: Classification and Prospects.

Igor S. Smirnov, A.L. Lobanov, A.F. Alimov, M.B. Dianov: The Computer Biological Editions on Compact Discs: Classification and Prospects CSIT 1999 : E/E


The detailed analysis accessible to the authors of computer manuals and text-books (it's 40 diverse biological editions on CD-ROM, issued in 10 different countries and incorporated by availability on each of them of the information on any set of taxa - from 30 up to 1000) has allowed to divide them on three classes. In a basis of classification such attributes, as a prevailling type of representation of the information and method of connection of separate blocks of the information one another were fixed. Among the different electronic editions systems constructed on the basis already known to everybody hypertext and two new classes - hyperimage and hyperdatabase (hyperbase, hyper-DB) are allocated.

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Printed Edition

Ch. Freytag and V. Wolfengagen (Eds.): CSIT'99, Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, January 18-22, 1999, Moscow, Russia. MEPhI Publishing 1999, ISBN 5-7262-0263-5

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