Computer Aided Design Facilities for Prototyping the Omega DBMS.

Mikhail L. Zymbler: Computer Aided Design Facilities for Prototyping the Omega DBMS CSIT 1999 : E/E


The paper describes a set of computer aided design facilities, used for prototyping the parallel DBMS (Database Management System), called Omega. This system is designed for a MVS-100/1000 massively parallel computer system. These computer aided facilities include both software tools from third-party vendors and those especially designed for this project. The former are a UNIX/Linux operating system, C++ compilers for MVS-100/1000 and IBM PC, CVS (a Concurrent Versions System), DOC++ (a documentation system for C/C++), Router – a distributed operating system for MVS-100/1000, etc. The latter consists of a operating environment, a profiler and a debugger. The paper proposes a certain way of integrating these software tools for increasing the productivity of the cooperative development of sucha complicated software as a parallel DBMS for a supercomputer.

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Ch. Freytag and V. Wolfengagen (Eds.): CSIT'99, Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, January 18-22, 1999, Moscow, Russia. MEPhI Publishing 1999, ISBN 5-7262-0263-5

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