1. CSIT 1999: Moscow, Russia

Ch. Freytag and V. Wolfengagen (Eds.): CSIT'99, Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies, January 18-22, 1999, Moscow, Russia. MEPhI Publishing 1999, ISBN 5-7262-0263-5

Conference Organizers

Program Committee Members


General Co-Chairs opening address  by Vice-Chair of the RFBR Prof. Oleg Siountiourenko


Research Track I

I-1. Object-Oriented Environments

I-2. System Issues and Models

I-3. Constraints and Development

I-4. Conceptual Modeling

I-5. Data Repositories and Web

I-6. Multimedia and Knowledge Discovery

I-7. Data Mining and Classification

I-8. Web Databases

I-9. GIS

Research Track D

D-1. Knowledge Discovery

D-2. Protection and Clustering

D-3. Protection and Clustering

D-4. System Issues

D-5. Methodology, Design and Development

D-6. Databases and Complex Queries

D-7. Complexity

Industry / Commercial Track IC

IC-1. Information Technology

IC-2. Information Technologies, Applications and Models

RFBR Track

RFBR-1. Astronomy

RFBR-2. Biology

RFBR-3. Chemistry

RFBR-4. Genetics, Biochemistry


RFBR-6. Measurements

RFBR-7. Computing and Applications

RFBR-8. Information Resources and Repositories